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Oct. 11, 2021

Where do hairballs come from?

Cats groom themselves every day – they can spend 30% to 50% of their waking hours giving themselves a bath. Thanks to the rough texture on their tongue, cats can remove dead hairs from their coat. Unfortunately, the little hooks also make the hair stick to the tongue, giving your cat no other option than to swallow the fur. Normally, the hair will leave the cat’s body through their stool without a problem, but occasionally the fur collects in the stomach and forms a big ball. Do you wonder what a cat hairball looks like when puked out? Unfortunately, they’re not dry, fluffy balls, but rather wet, elongated lumps of tangled hair – yikes!

Where do hairballs come from

What can you do against those pesky hairballs?

If you notice that your cat frequently vomits up hairballs, grab a comb or brush and groom your feline multiple times a week. In doing so, you can remove the dead hair before your cat has to. Our Catit Grooming Kits contain all the tools you need! In addition, there are some specialty cat foods and supplements on the market that can help cats pass the hair naturally. Cat grass is also said to aid digestion, so consider giving your kitty a patch of fresh grass to chew on. Are you worried that your cat will make a mess by knocking over the grass or playing with the soil? Check out our mess-free Catit Senses Grass Planter!

Catit Senses Grass Planter

Extreme cases

In some cases, hairballs become too large for your cat to pass naturally or vomit up. This can cause internal obstructions which will ultimately endanger your cat’s health, so definitely consult your vet when you see your cat struggling to bring up a hairball, or when your feline becomes lethargic and constipated.