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Sep. 28, 2022

The feeding tray has stopped moving, what should I do?

If the tray can’t move because it’s briefly jammed by an obstruction, or when met with some other kind of resistance, it will rotate in reverse and stop. The display will count down from 60 seconds and then the feeding tray will rotate again.

I’ve inserted the ice packs but now the top cover won’t close.

Please check if you have inserted the ice packs correctly, with nubs pointing upward. 

One of the ice packs has a slight bulge on it after freezing, how can I prevent this?

In the unlikely event that the ice packs develop a small bulge whilst freezing, preventing the feeder from operating smoothly, try leaving them out for 30-60 minutes before use and reduce the freezing time for subsequent usage.

The touch control panel seems to be unresponsive?

The LCD touch control panel will lock automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity. To unlock, tap the ‘<’ and ‘>’ button on the display at the same time.

My Wi-Fi / Internet is down, will the feeder still serve food as scheduled?

The Catit PIXI Smart 6-meal Feeder will continue to operate according to the schedule that was set when the connection was still active. The schedule can still be adjusted using the LCD touch control panel.

What if I travel to a different timezone and add a new meal to the feeding schedule?

The PIXI Smart 6-meal Feeder is set to the same timezone as your smartphone at installation. If you add a new meal to the feeding schedule while you are abroad, the meal will be fed at that time in the original timezone. Even if your smartphone is currently set to a new timezone.

For example, you installed the 6-meal feeder at home. On your trip abroad, you schedule a new meal for 13:00h in the app. That meal will be served at 13:00h back home.