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How do I assemble the Wellness Center?

Watch the video for a step-by-step guide on how to install your Wellness Center.


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How do I teach my cat to use the Wellness Center?

The Wellness Center was designed as a catnip relaxation spot and works especially well with cats that are sensitive to catnip. Each Catit Senses Wellness Center includes a bag of dried catnip. Sprinkle some catnip into the green catnip top and watch as your cat starts to enjoy the massaging ridges and brushes. To entice your cat further, we offer a varied range of catnip products.

How do I stop my cat from biting down too hard on the gum stimulator?

When cats are given too high a dose of catnip, they tend to engage in aggressive behavior. Lowering the dose of catnip should stop your cat from biting down too hard on the gum stimulator. If your cat keeps engaging in this behavior, please remove the gum stimulator from the Wellness Center to prevent injuries.