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The cushion sticks to the Wellness Center with hook-and-loop tape and can be removed for cleaning. Handwash the cushion in warm water (30°C/86°F).

Wellness Center
Before cleaning the Wellness Center, remove the green catnip top, the gum stimulator, and the gray massage brushes from the white base so these can be cleaned separately. To remove these parts, turn the Wellness Center upside down so you have access to the tabs holding the components into place.

All parts, including the white base, can be cleaned with a soft sponge and dishwashing soap. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or an abrasive sponge.

When should I replace the gum stimulator, and how is it done?

When you notice visible deterioration or damage to the gum stimulator, it is time to change it. We offer replacement senses Gum Stimulators (#43158) in packs of 3. To remove the gum stimulator, first disconnect the green catnip top from the white base. Inside of the top is a plastic tab keeping the gum stimulator in place. Pull back on the plastic tab as you pull the gum stimulator out. Insert a new gum stimulator by positioning it over the opening in the top and pressing down until you hear it lock into place.