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How do I teach my cat to use their new scratcher?

The Zoo Scratcher includes a small bag of catnip to entice your cat to scratch and play. Rub a pinch of catnip between your fingers to release the aroma and sprinkle it onto the scratcher. If your cat is sensitive to catnip, you’ll notice they will soon start to become more playful. For more enticement, we offer a wide range of catnip products.

Which Zoo Scratchers can I use against the wall or couch?

We offer a small (#42504) and large (#42505) size Giraffe that are perfect for leaning against your couch or wall. That way your cat can stretch their back while scratching.

My cat’s Zoo Scratcher is looking a bit worn down, can it be replaced?

If you notice the product is all scratched up on one side , you can flip it around so your cat has a whole new canvas to work their claws on. When it’s used up on both sides, the scratcher can be replaced by a new one.