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Jun. 14, 2022

Hunting instinct

Each cat, no matter how small, has the instinct of a fierce hunter hidden inside them. By nature, cats love to hunt by ambush. This means that your feline will sneak up on their prey and strike when the moment is right. A box is the perfect hideout for your little hunter, as it allows your cat to stealthily sneak up on their prey, while staying out of sight of larger predators such as coyotes. In addition, a cardboard box lying on its side allows your feline to leap out at their prey and then quickly retreat to the safety of the box.

Comfort and safety

What’s a plain carboard box to you, is a fortified castle to your cat. Hiding in a box will keep your cat largely concealed from view, allowing them to observe their surroundings without being detected. In addition, the sides provide protection against annoying siblings that might want to attack your kitty in their sleep. But, why do cats clearly prefer cardboard boxes? Well, cardboard is a great insulator, keeping your cat comfy all day long.

Comfort and safety

Curious cats

Cats don’t just instinctually like to hide in confined spaces, they are also naturally curious. A fresh carboard box that just arrived in the mail obviously smells different from all the items that have been in your house for ages, so why not explore this strange, new object. As a bonus, carboard has a great texture for cats to gnaw on. It’s crunchy yet not too hard. Perfect!

What about big cats?

In many ways, big cats aren’t all that different from domestic felines. A quick YouTube search will turn up plenty videos of big cats in zoos and wildlife reserves playing with or napping inside cardboard boxes. Even though we much prefer wild cats living in the wild, it’s nice to see that even big cats are entertained by something as simple as a cardboard box.