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Sep. 2, 2022

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Getting rid of pent-up energy

Since cats are among the most successful predators on Earth, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your adorable ball of fur has the instinctual desire to hunt. Since indoor cats can’t catch any prey, they get rid of their energy by hunting their toys. Unfortunately, many cats are barely provided with toys to chase and pounce at, which might lead to them attack their human’s hands or feet instead.

‘Stop touching me’

Since cats can’t talk, some of them use their teeth to let you know that you’re annoying them. ‘Overpetting’ will give your cat a ton of nervous energy, which might cause them to lash out by sinking their teeth into your skin. Watch out for signs that you are overdoing it, such as your cat violently wagging their tail or physically pushing your hand away.

Showing dominance

Does your cat bite without the slightest warning while petting them? This might be their way of displaying dominance. Cats trying to show that they’re boss will typically hold onto your skin rather that loosening their grip. Luckily, they won’t bite down very hard as they’re only trying to make a point.

Getting your attention

Some cats have learned that biting their human will get them the attention they crave. These felines will usually not really bite, but rather give you a small nip to remind you that you are not paying enough attention to them. Don’t give your cat any affection right after they bit you though, as you don’t want to reenforce the behavior.

Defeating an opponent

When a cat is set on defending their territory, their behavior can get quite extreme. You will notice deep growling and often even spitting. If a cat displays this kind of behavior, make sure you get out of their way as the animal means business. Cat bites can be dangerous as the deeper ones get infected easily, potentially leading to septicemia – a life-threatening condition also known as blood poisoning.

Kitten biting phase

When a kitten sinks their teeth into your skin, they definitely don’t mean any harm. In fact, your little ball of fur is only practicing their hunting skills. Though there’s no need to get mad at your kitten, make sure you don’t tolerate their behavior. After all, your kitty must learn that hands, feet, fingers, and arms aren’t cat toys.

How to stop my cat from biting me? 

Play, play, play!

For most cats, biting is a way of getting rid of built-up energy. The solution to this problem is simple: spend some time playing with your cat. Just like dogs need to be walked, cats need some playful interaction to be happy. Just 15 minutes of play a day should be enough to drain your cat of excessive energy, making them calmer and more relaxed.

Hands aren’t toys

Many cat parents use their hands and fingers to encourage their cat to play. Unfortunately, what you’re doing is teaching your cat that hands are toys, and in a cat’s mind, toys are for biting, clawing, scratching, and pouncing. Rather than wiggling your fingers or running your hand across a surface to get your cat’s attention, invest in a feather toy or wand toy for cats. Most felines go crazy for these! In addition, the interaction between you and your cat when playing will only strengthen the bond you have with your feline. Don’t have much time to spend with your cat? The Catit Senses range allows you to build a playground full of interactive toys that will keep your cat entertained all day long.

Spot warning signs

Cats will rarely bite without warning. When a cat wants you to stop petting them, common warning signs are violent tail wagging, pushing your hand away, and folding back their ears. When a cat doesn’t want you to come near them, they will hiss or growl and arch their back to appear larger. When a cat is staring at you with enlarged pupils and their butt sticking in the air, they are ready to pounce and potentially bite. If you notice this kind of behavior, stay ahead of your cat by redirecting their focus from your skin to a toy by waving around a wand with feathers your cat can chase. Happy cat, happy you!